Spedag Ladies FC was born in 2007 having started as a community program where M+R Spedag, Switzerland, saw the need to give back to the community and boost the career basis of the youth girl child. It aimed at boosting self-sustenance among the youth through sponsoring the youth who are career oriented but lack the financial ability to participate on football. The programme has achieved its objective by working with organizations that are out to upgrade the career footing of the youth in economically-harsh communities. In Kenya, it has been heard of very bright children who have ended up in waste for lack of schooling funds.There have been cases of schools that have closed down as hunger pangs bit deeper into students rendering them weak to concentration… and many more cases. 


JAMHURI Cup       Champions  2015
Five players featuring in the
Top Scorers list
Runners up 2013 /2014
Kenya Women’s Premier League 2nd Place  2013 /2014
Three Spedag Ladies players in the Kenya Squad Olympic Qualifiers 2010
Coast League
Winner   2009 /2010
ENVIRONMENTAL Tourname  1st runners
MOMBASA District Constituency Tournament Winner   2009
BROOKSIDE Tournament  Winner 2009
UNICEF Coast League   Winner  2008
MATHARE Tournament Winner  2008
TRUST Tournament   Winner 2007
JAMHURI Cup  Winner  2007
UNICEF Coast League Winner 2007
NATIONAL Premier League 5th position  2007
MYSA Samsung Tournament   2nd runners